This Week's Question

Our next series of questions come from Michael Bentley - a second year student in the Theatre Creation and Performance program at Red Deer College in Alberta - who is already researching this part of the business. Here’s this week’s question:




How do you stand out in the voice-acting world?



There are some very talented people in the voice world who work all the time. The performers who stand out tend to work on their craft every day, by practicing their reads and by investing in professional development (classes, workshops, union & industry events) in order to learn new approaches to the work and to constantly improve upon their skills. They are also open to learning on the job - by asking the right questions and by taking creative risks that serve the project at hand. In my experience, the performers who are hungry to keep learning, even decades into their careers, tend to work the most. 

These performers also love the process of auditioning, they find a way to love the material they are given and they show respect to the casting directors, talent, directors and engineers they work with- each and every time they are in the studio.


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