Fresh Year, Fresh Reel

Happy New Year!


January can typically be a pretty quiet month on the voice-over schedule.


How can you take charge of your voice career when your calendar isn’t as full?


I always like beginning the year with a demo reel re-brand. This time it was my Commercial reel, which you can listen to on my Actor page.


Much of what was already on the reel was still working, meaning the reads are marketable and current.


Using material I had booked over the last year, we refreshed it by replacing several dialogue/two-person clips and adding one of the most enjoyable sessions I’ve booked in a long time. It allowed me to channel my inner Nicki Minaj and it’s the last clip on the reel. Who knew?


I hope it inspires you to consider a little re-brand of your own.


Until next time,



p.s. A 2-hour edit session can transform your reel. Learn more on the Director page or contact me using the letter icon on the Home page.