An Update on Self-Tapes

An Update on Self-Tapes:


We're not just doing them for film, TV and theatre, but for every part of the Voice-Over business, too: Audiobooks, Commercials, Animation and Video Games. Here are some updated pointers for self-directing our auditions.


Look for Clues


Read the casting notes carefully. Is there a pop culture reference? A YouTube clip? A simple character or announcer description? Have they specified 1 or 2 takes/version? The more info you have, the better. Trust your gut. Don’t overthink it. When in doubt, assume they want you!


File Naming & Slating:


Read the fine print from your Voice agent regarding labeling the sound file and how to slate your audition. Do not create more work for them or for the production house/agency.




Respect what has been asked of you. Don't create more work for your agent/production house/casting person/ ad agency/client. Learn ho to format files properly! There are many online supports for this. At there are step-by-step instructions of how to do that, using iTunes, Windows and Cloud Convert. 


Know when to stop!


Limit the number of takes you do or you will never leave your home. Less is more! Trust the feeling the direction or clues on the page give you. Fully commit to your choices from the first word to the last. 

Respect the Self-Tape deadline.


If your agent needs it by noon on Friday, get it to them first thing that morning, or, even better, the day before. Don't be the actor who sends it at 11:59 a.m. Respect that your agent has submitted you because they know you can book this work opportunity. Help them get you there by taking responsibility for the boundary they've set - especially when they often have more work to do once they receive all of their clients files. 

Happy self-taping!