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I've been a Toronto-based audition coach for theatre, on-camera and voice-over work since 1998. I taught Improvisation at Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto for 5 years and at The Second City Training Centre for 8, specializing in Character and Monologue training. In 2007, I created pirate voice under the mentorship of one of pirate toronto’s founding partners, Terry O'Reilly. This commercial voice-over training and demo reel production program ran until early 2016.

Now re-branded as Tracey Hoyt Coaching & Direction, I specialize in preparing voice talent - both at the table and in-studio - for Commercial demo reels. I also offer audition coaching, out of studio, for animation auditions. 

One-on-one Coaching sessions are customized, based on your specific goals - whether that’s trying out a new voice category, working on script breakdown, taking more risks at auditions or preparing for a demo reel. I coach in person, in-studio and via Skype. For clients outside of Toronto, coaching sessions can be offered via Skype and phone patch. Voice-over consulting and demo reel assessment, with written feedback, is also available. 

Recent customized workshop clients include Fountainhead Talent (Intro To Commercial Voice-Over Auditions & Demo Reels) and ACTRA Toronto (Demo Reel & Self-Tape Master Class).

To request fees or further details, please email me at:

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Tracey is a patient and dedicated teacher, imparting all the best nuggets of her years of experience to make your session sparkle. Tracey has such a love for what she does, it’s infectious. It was a joy to see her working in what is truly her element. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- Adrian Griffin, coaching and reel client – Toronto

Tracey's ability to hone in on a character is amazing. I was visiting Toronto from Los Angeles and had a last-minute animation audition that needed to be sent in. Tracey helped me find my character as well as record it right then and there, to send to LA.  Since being back home, I have called Tracey to help me figure out and ground characters for animation and video games, through FaceTime. She is truly amazing and my go-to for further auditions.

Amanda Parsons, audition coaching client - Los Angeles

If you are in my voice category, I would prefer if you DIDN'T get coaching from Tracey!  The session I had with her was totally practical and absolutely invaluable.  Highly recommended.

 - Ari Cohen, coaching client – Toronto

 I've been using Tracey's strategies for the last three years and have managed to start my dream career as a voice actor here in Toronto! For anyone looking for a fun and friendly person to help get you on the right path to a career in the competitive world of commercial voice over, Tracey Hoyt comes with my highest recommendation.

Scott Malloch, coaching & reel client - Toronto. 

Tracey’s remote/Skype voiceover coaching comes with an advantage.  Her impressive acting portfolio allows her to help develop those all so important acting skills as a voice actor while drawing on her vast experience in voicing and directing commercial copy to bring out reads I didn’t know were in me.

 - Darcy Delorey, coaching client - Antigonish, Nova Scotia

The session is geared to you and your goals. One evening session with Tracey blew my mind - I think I could have studied with her for months. Very, very highly recommended! 

- Damien Atkins, coaching client - Toronto

What I learned was invaluable and can even be applied to on-camera work. I’m honoured to have been able to study with Tracey.

 - Ellen McKinney, coaching client - Toronto

It feels to me like you’ve invested an enormous amount of time, consideration, and care into creating the best coaching system/structure you can provide, and I feel so appreciative that I was able to receive it. The value of the information and the clarity with which it was offered is matched by the positive intention behind it all.  Thank you!

 - Harry Judge, coaching and reel client - Toronto