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I specialize in directing Commercial demo reels for trained & experienced talent. I am also an experienced commercial voice-over audition Director. Most recently, I voice directed the Audiobook Obasan by Joy Kogawa for Penguin Random House. It was narrated by Mary Ito.

Commercial Voice Demo Reels at Tracey Hoyt Coaching & Direction:

Now, more than ever, our demo reels are auditioning for us. Demo Rec's (recommends)  are the new normal. Having a current one is a crucial tool in being considered for and booking voice-over work. Incorporating exceptional engineering, sound, music and script selection & copy writing, we create 3 types of commercial reels:

1. Full Demo Reel From Scratch (3 hours) 8 new spots with sound & music. 

2. Demo Reel Re-Brand (3 hours) 5 new spots with sound & music, edited with your existing material.

3. Demo Reel Edit (2 hours) A creative & collaborative edit of your current reel and recently recorded material. 

To request fees, examples of recent client reels and further details, please email me at: tracey@traceyhoyt.ca

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In 16 years, I’ve barely had a sniff at voice work. Since I cut a new demo reel with Tracey, I’ve booked two gigs off it alone. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

- James Madge, coaching and reel client, Toronto

After 20 years in the theatre, I finally decided it was time to take my voice career seriously and I needed a coach to guide me through the process. I had never done a demo reel before and wanted to work with someone who had mastery of the craft and the business of voice work. Well, Tracey has both in spades. Not only is she an amazing coach, she makes a mean demo reel! If you’re looking for someone to bring her whole wealth of experience to the table to help you make the best, most authentic product possible, look no further. I couldn’t recommend Tracey enough! 

- Ruth Madoc-Jones, coaching and reel client, Toronto

When it came time to assemble my reel, Tracey chose my material to showcase my diversity. Based on the strength of that reel, I landed a voice agent on my very first day - unheard of in this industry - and have since scored a number of jobs based on that reel alone. Tracey’s fun-filled and practical coaching sessions fill you with confidence and enthusiasm for a bright future. Highly recommended!

- Nick Krewen, coaching & reel client - Toronto

All of the visible and intangible elements Tracey brought to the process made this feel like the best demo experience of my career.

Paul Boucher, coaching & reel client - Calgary, Alberta

I got more than I expected in the training session. I got more than I hoped in the recording session. Tracey could not have been more helpful, insightful and energizing. I got a "hold" on the very first audition I did after making this reel.

Louise Pitre, reel client - Toronto

Tracey assembled all of the copy for my demo after a thorough discussion with my agent. She gave great notes during the recording and was a tremendous help in ordering and selecting takes. The demo paid for itself very soon after recording it.  Within weeks of the session I was hired directly from the demo!  I can't recommend Tracey Hoyt enough.

Ari Cohen, reel client - Toronto 

I approached Tracey Hoyt…because I heard she was “the best in the biz!” Turns out the rumours are true! Tracey picked out spots that played to my strengths. The experience was a ton of fun and resulted in a fabulous and professional demo that I couldn't be happier with!

- Amelia Wasserman, reel client - Toronto

Tracey Hoyt was inspiring, both as teacher and as director, and was able to bring out my best performance. The results were even better than I had hoped for.

John Gunn, coaching and reel client - Toronto

Experience, knowledge, skill and talent...worth every cent. Came out of the session with sharp demos that not only showcased my work, but reintroduced my talents to the very competitive, ever-evolving world of voice.

Sergio Di Zio, reel edit client - Toronto

Tracey can help you bring out the best of your ability. Having been a coaching client and reel client since the beginning of my career. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Dylan Kotyk, coaching and reel client - Toronto

Only a week after Tracey completed my demo, I got my first audition for a Union commercial! Her choice of material was perfect, allowing me to be challenged but at ease, showing a wide range while staying on brand. I would absolutely recommend Tracey's services to anyone looking to really push their voice career to the next level.

Eric Charters, coaching and reel client – Toronto

Tracey is incredibly detailed and an expert at identifying little fixes, bringing out the best voice for each spot. Her guidance is truly unmatched. I would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to make a career in the voice industry. 

Alex McCooeye, coaching and reel client - Toronto