Q & A with Inside Voice:

October 10, 2016


Over the summer, I received some very smart questions and will be sharing them - one at a time - with my replies, over the next few months.


Our very first question comes from my recent coaching and demo reel client Audrey Dwyer. Audrey is gifted actor with a gorgeous voice, which you can hear at: http://www.voicebank.net/app/promoList.do?Search=Ok




What makes a good commercial voice? I'm sure that energy, musicality, diction and clarity are important, but are there other things that matter?




All of the qualities you mention are certainly important. A few other things that consistently engage me the most in a good commercial read, whether on the air, online or on a commercial demo reel are:


·      A genuine connection to and experience of the material.

·      Really talking to the listener/scene partner(s).

·      Having a clear need to speak/share.

·      Consistency with the read. (Ex. tonal, emotional.)


I welcome your questions for future posts on Inside Voice. You can find my contact info on the Home page.


Until next time,