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This week, we have a great question for Inside Voice about representation from Michael Bentley - a second year student in the Theatre Creation and Performance program at Red Deer College. Take it away, Michael!



In a voice-acting career, is an agent a must, or can you get by without one? If so, is it recommended to have different agents for voice and live action roles?


Many voice actors have home studios, and whether they work in the union or non-union market, their chances of booking a variety of work increase with a reputable, experienced voice agent submitting them (and their voice demo reels) for work.

In most major talent agencies with “programming” (film, TV/theatre) agents, there is a separate voice agent specifically geared to representing talent for narration, e-learning, e-books, promo, commercial and animation work.

I’ve had the same wonderful voice agent for 27 years and I have followed her to different agencies throughout that time. I have a separate agent for theatre, film and TV. That’s called split representation.

Most Canadian agencies represent talent where both of their agents are under the same agency roof.

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