This Week's Question

Another great question from Michael Bentley - a second year student in the Theatre Creation and Performance program at Red Deer College in Alberta. Here’s Michael’s question for this week’s Inside Voice: 


Is it harder to break into/make it big in (the voice acting world)?


The very talented people in this part of the business come from various creative backgrounds: theatre, film, TV, broadcasting, advertising, journalism, copywriting, singing, etc. It can be hard to break into.

You actually learn a lot by doing: both auditioning and booking the actual job. If you treat every audition like the real thing, the “process” can be just as fun and creatively gratifying as the “result.” People who love the creative, collaborative process tend to get called back, short-listed and booked regularly.

A genuinely positive attitude and gratitude for simply being in the room is always recommended. Smart questions and great choices are memorable, too. The talent who love auditioning, are generous with their scene partners and who can apply direction professionally and creatively tend to work in this part of the business for a very long time.

Until next time!